Nancy Lynn Thompson

Picture of Nancy

This page is dedicated to the memory of our friend, Nancy Thompson. Her son, Keith, and our Brian were school buddies, and we shared in the joys of raising families. We were both far from home and family. We spent holidays together. We did school events and sports events together. We watched our children grow up and start careers and families of their own. Our son Kevin worked with Larry and Nancy at the dairy.

Kevin and Nancy are with our Lord. We know from His word, that whoever believes and trusts in Jesus will have everlasting life. But we who remain struggle with the great personal loss - for our family a son and brother, for Larry a wife, for Keith and Patricia a mom, and for you perhaps a family member or long-time friend.

The videos below remind us of the good times. There will be tears and smiles as you get a glimpse of the child, the young woman, the wife and mother, and the special friend we knew.

The two videos below are based on the same original. The top, slightly larger one has better resolution, but if your connection is slow, the lower, smaller one might play better. There is a "full screen widget" near the bottom right of the video box, or a right click in the middle of the video usually brings up a menu.

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