Kevin Douglas Cook

Missionary Work in Mexico

Kevin rededicated his life to Christ in April 2002. Shortly thereafter things suddenly fell into place for him to work with a church in Mexico, and late in December he traveled to a city called Zacatepec. The internet was not readily available, but he would occasionally find internet cafes and send us notes. We saved them and we especially cherish them now, as we recall his love of the Mexican people and his skill with the language.

On the other hand, his English, or at least his hurried typing of his native language could have been better, but I felt it best to preserve the notes exactly as he typed them. I imagine he was hurrying so he could send a note to other friends. Oh, by the way, it was on that trip he adopted the email name of "MexicanKev", which is the reason for this site name.

Subj: Zacatepec
Date: 12/28/2002 3:15:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
hi everyone. I arrived Friday night after many complications with flights but im good. I am staying with the pastor and his family here in Zacatepec, Morelos. I just got back from visiting the sugar cane fields. Tonight, a couple is getting married so IŽm going to a wedding. On Wednesday, Oscar and I are going to Guerrero, the next state over. weŽll be there a week working with missions there. IŽll write back, a friend close to where im staying has internet.

Thank you for your prayers. i arrived safely.
love, kevin
  Subj:    hi
  Date:    12/31/2002 3:37:48 PM Eastern Standard Time
hi everyone.  i hope you guys got my email that i arrived.  everything is cool down here.  im learning more about the community and meeting new people everyday.  i love the pastor's family.  I'm staying in the house behind Oscar's<the pastor's> with his mom.  I start working with the school next week.  We've been visiting a lot of Oscar and Paty's family.  There is a service tonite on into the new year.  Then we're leaving to go to the mountains in Guerrero for 5 or 6 days to visit the missions and families there.  I have to go back to the house but ill write again from this business.  it is only 7 pesos or about 70 cents an hour to use.  God bless all of you and spread these letters to whoever wants.  thank you for you prayers.  love, Kevin

 Subj:    hi everyone
  Date:    2/25/2003 10:45:26 PM Eastern Standard Time
thank you all for your prayers,

forgive me for not writing in a while.  i have been busy and havent had the oppurtunity.  im still working in the school and that is going good.  please pray for my adopted grandma Margarita.  i lived with her a lot.  she is the pastor's mother.  she is the cook at the school and she was burnt by the oven today.  everything here is lit by matches and too much gas was let out before she lit it and i was upstairs in a classroom.  it sounded like an explosion and it shook the building.  so a cloud of flame hit her and burnt her hair, eyebrows, neck and arm.  she is okay at home resting but it could hav e been a lot worse.  i thank God it wasnt.  it scared all of us at the school.  pray for her healing and relief of the burning.

i was in Tijuana the weekend before last.  it was a very short trip but i got to visit the church i worked with in the summer( some of you know about).  A church from Irvine, New Song, came to do some miscelaneous construction work.  painting, drywall and mudding.  they have stuff for the kids in the community as well as the women and youths.

this is a last letter for a while,  tomorrow i am leaving for Iguala, Guerrero for two days and then i will be leaving for the mountains of Guerrero for about 3 weeks.  ive been there once.  no means of communication.  pray for the people of these two towns i will be living with.  Verde Rico and Huerta Vieja.  Very humble people.  i am glad to have this opportunity.  i think of you guys a lot. 

it is good here and feel so blessed.  i am learning more and more what it is to have a fuller relationship with God.  I find myself having to look to God to care for me, to listen to me while some of my tightest brothers arnt here with me.  thank you for your letters and prayers.  i pray all is well with you at home.

  'He said the yoke is easy,  the burden it is light'

pray for me as i am leaving all my brothers here from Zacatepec.  God is always there.  but i hope to find new relationships where ill be. thank you

love, Kevin

more notes will be added later.